Alexandra Gambaro | TOG
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TOG is a simple, yet innovative approach to home decor, customization and great design. Every product is idealized by designers like Philippe Stark, Sebastian Bergne or Sam Hecht & Kim Colin and can be customized by the client.


The major investidor of TOG is Grendene, a brazilian company. That’s why they decided launch the first e-commerce here in Brazil and development the guideline for international sites.




3 months


Research, UX/UI

Briefing & Understand

“We don’t want to judge creativity; we want our customers to be free to make whatever they want, even though we may think it’s ugly.”


Nicola Rapeti, TOG’s design research development director.

Design Process

Design Challenge

The challenge of this project was the high amount of data that needed to be available to real-time managers on e-commerce and, in addition, bring integration to follow-up they performance in marketplaces.


We delved deeply into this stage, in order to understand the needs of different types of platform users. After the interviews, we defined some types of personas and what points we should focus on in an MVP.


We seek to use two already well-known and easily developed framework, Bootstrap and Material Design. Working on it and after setting up a mood line of the visual line, we set out to develop each element.


This page can be focus on products in general or selected by designer.

Cart Page

We chose to highlight the products, so that the user could see the customizations made.


Already in the prototyping stage we performed user’s tests and the feedbacks were great. With the platform developed, what we most listened is about the reduction of time they would have in day-to-day with this tool. For a second stage, it was decided that we would develop a mobile version so that users could use the platform on meetings and assist in weekly alignment and reporting with the client.